Best Shampoo for Hair Loss


Beware whenever you see a product labelled the best shampoo for hair loss. Sure, there are those that have higher quality or more expensive ingredients, or that can be placed in a group of hair loss shampoos which perform well on a consistent basis for a high percentage of users, but is it possible to say that one product is definitely the best shampoo for hair loss? Well, as was noted in hair loss treatment, the effectiveness of any treatment not only varies between individuals but can change over time i.e. treatment fatigue. The reason why people respond differently to a particular shampoo for hair loss can be due to a number of factors.

A persons genetic predisposition can not only influence hair structure, growth cycle, pattern baldness characteristics, texture and color but also the individuals sensitivity to chemicals that they come into contact with. In addition, a persons hormonal levels and immune system will impact the effectiveness of any treatment, including hair loss shampoos.

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

As we discovered in hair loss causes, there are numerous types and causes of hair loss and these will also determine the outcome from using a shampoo for hair loss. For example, the persons diet, whether they smoke, if they have any illnesses ( physical and/ or psychological ) or exposure to certain shampoo ingredients can all have a significant impact on the effectiveness of a shampoo.

Therefore, one cannot state categorically that a particular hair loss shampoo will be the best one for your  situation. However, in general, a dedicated hair loss shampoo will outperform a regular shampoo regarding hair loss. Certain non-specific shampoos contain cheap, ineffective ingredients and harsh detergents that lead to an irritated scalp and an increased rate of hair loss. 

The section entitled hair loss shampoo reviews will make a useful starting point for choosing a suitable shampoo and covers a variety of hair loss shampoos suitable for all budgets. The best approach would be to try such a shampoo for a few months or so and if you are not entirely happy with the results, move on to another one. Be patient, for you will find one that works best for you. Remember though, that even if you find your ideal shampoo, you may still need to change or rotate it with another one at some point because its effectiveness may gradually decline over time (treatment fatigue). 

In addition, some products play on the marketing terms of being ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ . Unfortunately, the terms are full of confusion and many people erroneously believe that an organic or natural product will only contain ingredients found in plants and nature. The reality is that marketing regulations vary considerably between countries and this can result in products (including some shampoos) being labelled organic or natural but which contain a significant percentage of non-organic or synthetic ingredients.  

However, don’t be put off a product because it is not labelled as ‘containing 100% organic natural ingredients’ ….or buy one just because it does! A poorly manufactured ‘organic’ product may not be as beneficial as a high quality product that does not have such a sticker on it. Consider that the people of ancient Egypt treated hair loss by rubbing a concoction of horse manure and honey on their heads. 100% organic, 0% results yet 100% messy and smelly!

Also, remember that ‘natural’ does not automatically make something good; for example, mushrooms are 100% natural but a high percentage are deadly poisonous. Therefore, when you look at the ingredients of any shampoo (including hair loss shampoos) they will nearly always contain a mixture of natural extracts and synthesized components. In many cases, it will be the synthesized ingredient(s) that are the ones most beneficial regarding treating hair loss.

In general, the best shampoo for hair loss is one that works in harmony with your scalp and hair. Not only will it remove scalp build up and minimize irritation but the shampoo will gently clean and nourish the hair leaving it healthy, supple, vibrant and lustrous. In addition, this will provide the optimal conditions should you decide to invest in a more intensive treatment such as those containing Minoxidil (e.g Rogaine) or Finasteride (Propecia).

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