Shampoo For Hair Loss is dedicated to providing straightforward information and unbiased product reviews concerning the topic of Shampoo For Hair Loss. People use the term hair loss to refer to an excessive loss of hair that is over and above the 50-100 strands of hair that all people shed on a daily basis. Therefore, reference to hair loss on this website relates to excessive loss of hair.

Hair loss can affect both sexes, all ages and races and is both a distressing and embarrassing condition for the majority of people who experience it. In fact, the desire to rectify hair loss has been recorded for over 3000 years and the ancient Egyptians experimented with exotic concoctions including animal fats from hippopotamuses, lions and crocodile. The desire for a solution to hair loss is as intense today as it as ever been.

Hair loss treatment is now a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry with US companies alone generating $700+ million dollars annually. Many hair loss sufferers search desperately for a cure and are willingly to spend $100’s in pursuit of their goal. Unfortunately, some companies try to take advantage of this situation and offer products that lighten the wallet but do not solve the problem. Fortunately, there are many great hair loss products and shampoos available that can make a difference and will help guide you to the most effective ones.

Shampoo For Hair Loss

Shampoo For Hair Loss

Hair loss is most commonly associated with pattern baldness but this is just one of many forms of hair loss. Excessive loss of hair can be caused by a variety of factors and may be temporary or permanent in nature, and in some cases, it may be group or gender specific e.g. Hoffman Disease that most commonly affects young adult African American males or menopause hair loss that affects women.

Hair loss treatments range from mild through intensive to invasive procedures, and may include combination treatments that incorporate various approaches. A shampoo for hair loss represent a mild treatment and people choose this option for a number of reasons, including it:

  • Represents a budget friendly option as compared to expensive over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs (some costing $100+), or surgery, which can set you back $10,000+

  • Is an easy and safe alternative (with minimal risk of side effects) when compared to other treatments .

  • Will provide optimal hair and scalp conditions that can make intensive treatments work more effectively.

Hair loss shampoo products can work in a variety of ways, for example by:

  • Minimizing further hair loss:
    e.g. a shampoo for hair loss may contain anti-DHT ingredients (e.g. saw palmetto) to counteract the hormone, Dihydrotestosterone, which is associated with the most common form of hair loss.

  • Containing active ingredients claimed to stimulate hair growth.
    e.g. the hair loss shampoo Nano contains the active ingredient 3-Carboxylicacidpyridine N-oxide that is considered a powerful hair growth stimulant, similar or more powerful than Minoxidil (found in various intensive treatments such as Rogaine).

  • Gently cleaning the hair and conditioning the scalp in order to provide an hair follicle friendly environment. 

  • Minimizing scalp build up and irritations.

  • Improving hair quality through nourishing, strengthening and making the hair supple and resistant to breakage.

  • Giving the appearance of more lustrous hair through altering the characteristics of the hair and by boosting hair thickness and fullness.

It is important to be aware that not every shampoo labelled as a ‘hair loss shampoo’ will contain active or anti-DHT ingredients. Those that do contain them may vary regarding the type and concentration of such ingredients based on the manufacturers preference. Those without, can only claim to address the last 4 points listed above.

Although a shampoo for hair loss  will not reactivate inactive hair follicles or regrow hair, it can help prevent and minimize the effects of hair loss and maximize the health and appearance of the remaining hair. They are designed specifically to promote an optimal hair environment and maximize hair appearance for hair loss sufferers.

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